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Get ready to go on a fruit-slashing frenzy with the exciting game Fruit Ninja! This addictive and cutthroat game of skill will have you hooked as you try to slice up as much fruit as you can.

In Fruit Ninja, all you need to do is swipe your finger across the screen to wield your sword and slice every piece of fruit that is thrown up from the bottom. But be careful, if you miss a piece or touch one of the bombs, you'll lose a life.

The gameplay may be repetitive, but the developer, Halfbrick, has added enough features to keep you engaged. With three game modes to choose from and a variety of power-ups, swords, and backgrounds to unlock, you'll be motivated to beat your high score and complete challenges.

Challenge your friends on Facebook or Google+ to see who can achieve the highest score. However, multiplayer options are limited, and it would be great to see real-time head-to-head or split-screen modes in Fruit Ninja.

The controls in Fruit Ninja are simple and intuitive. Just swipe your finger across the screen as fast as you can to slice the fruit. But remember to avoid bombs and time your slashes to earn combos.

The graphics and sound effects in Fruit Ninja are top-notch. From the satisfying splat sound of sliced pineapples to the Far East-style background music, the attention to detail is impressive. The game also features fun characters that pop up to give you hints or interact with you.

If you're looking for a fun game of skill to pass the time, Fruit Ninja is an excellent choice. It's perfect for playing on a train or bus, although you may find it repetitive after a while.

So grab your sword and get ready to slice and dice some fruit in Fruit Ninja!

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